What To Expect From George Ezra’s Upcoming Album

This week has seen the return of George Ezra with his new single ‘Don’t Matter Now’. It is with great warmth that his return has been greeted with his soothing voice and easy-going music arriving just in time for a scorcher of a summer.

We were lucky enough to be at the Isle of Wight Festival earlier this month where Ezra previewed some of his new material from the upcoming album. Here, at NewMusicFriday.me, we bring you what to expect from his upcoming record!

‘Get Away’

The first new music Ezra played was ‘Get Away’. This track is really groovy. The instrumentals are simple and stripped-back before a burst of trumpets in the chorus becomes a hallmark of this song. It’s clear Ezra wants it to be a really fun tune too. His vocal performance was accompanied by a constant smile and the occasional chuckle as he chanted, “I’m the leader of a big brass band”, followed by a sudden, almost comical, burst of brass instruments.

‘Pretty Shining People’

The next new track Ezra performed, called ‘Pretty Shining People’, detailed a trip to Barcelona and his realisation that as people, we are all lost together: “Why, why what a terrible time to be alive if you’re prone to overthinking”. During the bridge, the 24-year-old managed to get the whole crowd participating in a simple sing-a-long. It really is a catchy effort from Ezra and sure to be the next single!

‘Hold My Girl’

‘Hold My Girl’ takes the form of a love ballad as Ezra states, “I’ve got time, I’ve got love, I’ve got confidence […] Give me a minute to Hold My Girl”. As a sound, it’s quite unlike a lot of Ezra’s debut album Wanted On A Voyage. However, there are remnants of the sixth track on that record ‘Leaving It Up To You’. It’s less fun and summery but nonetheless a very exciting snippet of a slower track!

‘All My Love’

Finally, ‘All My Love’ was previewed at Isle of Wight Festival. That trademark, steady plodding drum and joyfully repetitive chorus make this song a right ear-wormer. It’s an easy sing-a-long and another track to put on with your feet up and a drink in hand over these coming months! There’s no video on YouTube yet but keep your eyes and ears open for this one.

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