Dua Lipa Confirmed To Join ‘The Other Stage’ Headliners Major Lazer at Glastonbury

Today marks the start of the U.K.’s biggest festival, Glastonbury. It is a week jam-packed with music with all the biggest names performing. Tonight’s ‘The Other Stage’ headliners, Major Lazer, have announced that popstar Dua Lipa will be joining them on stage! Find out more here…

On both Major Lazer’s and DJ Diplo’s snapchat stories a series of videos playing the track ‘My Love’ by Wale, which features both Major Lazer and Dua Lipa as well as WizKid, were posted from a hotel room in London. However, the caption that then followed will be of huge excitement to all Major Lazer and Dua Lipa fans!

@majorlazer and @diplo on Snapchat

The group announced that they would be “doing this song live tonight at glasto”. With Dua Lipa having performed at the festival earlier today on the John Peel stage it seems to be confirmed that she will be sticking around to join Major Lazer tonight! The Caribbean-infused EDM group are the kings of collaborations, working with the likes of Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and Camila Cabello in the last year, and always put on the biggest show around. Major Lazer’s set kicks off at 10:30pm and you can catch it live on BBC Iplayer.

Dua Lipa will be ballin’ with Major Lazer tonight

Taking centre stage during a headline performance at Glastonbury is a fantastic chance for Dua Lipa to continue her dominance of pop music this year as she takes the world by storm – it looks to be quite the performance!

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