Muse Announce Special Guest For Reading & Leeds Festival Headline Show

Now Glastonbury 2017 has finished all eyes turn to the UK’s second biggest Weekender in Reading & Leeds Festival. One of the biggest names announced to headline Reading & Leeds this year is Muse and, when speaking to Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1, they announced a special guest for their set…

The Muse boys have released new music lately in ‘Dig Down’ (listen below) but it won’t be until the second half of 2018 that we see a new album from the group. In the meantime, however, the rock band have promised more new material to keep fans’ taste buds tingling.

Some of that new material we will hear during their headline slot at Reading and Leeds Festival this year. Muse headline Main Stage on the Friday of Leeds and on Sunday night at Reading, a slot that Biffy Clyro nailed last year. The band of three will follow the infamous Liam Gallagher on Main Stage and need to bring their A-game.

However, from a recent interview with Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1, it sounds like Muse are pulling out all the stops. Matt and Dom strongly hinted at a special guest joining them, perhaps even more than one, saying that “I’ve made a few calls”. Who it is remains under wraps but Matt did confirm there would be a “surprise” in store. Watch the short clip below.

Who could it be? Perhaps a collaboration track, which would be a first for Muse, has been recorded or maybe it’s just the band trying to throw off us track in guessing what the true surprise is! Thoughts?

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