It looks like a Darude x Charli XCX x Alma Collaboration Is On The Way

There is a powerful pop friendship blossoming between the outspoken Charli XCX and likeminded Finnish singer Alma. The two have been seen partying a lot together in recent weeks as they tour the European festivals. Now, the latest video of the two sees a collaboration, perhaps with Darude included, in the brewing… 

On Charli XCX’s snapchat story (xcxworld) the two are seen in Alma’s home country of Finland traveling, by boat, to the recording studio of DJ Darude. According to XCX, that is the only way to access the DJ’s base in the town of Hirvensalo.

Darudehimself is also Finnish and is the mastermind behind the huge electronic track ‘Sandstorm’. A collaboration between the three would not be surprising. Although XCX would be considered a popstar, thanks to tracks such as ‘Boom Clap’ and ‘Doing It’, her latest mixtape Number 1 Angel is a bold effort at pushing the pop boundaries into electronic. Similarly, Alma has recently burst onto the scene with hits such as ‘Bonfire’ and ‘Chasing Highs’ whose euphoric electronic drops have gained her a huge popularity.

Whether or not Darude is involved in the collaboration is questionable. The two female stars could just be borrowing his studio space – we dare say his compatriot Alma has some contacts. That said, a collaboration between Alma and Charli XCX seems inevitable. That would be quite something.

How excited are you at the potential of an XCX x Alma banger?

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