Jessie J is back with her single ‘Real Deal’ – Listen Here

It has been a long three years since Jessie J released her last album ‘Sweet Talker’ and she has been working away in the studio to make sure her return makes an impact. Her first effort of new music will be out this Friday and here is what to expect… 

In an Instagram post, Jessie J was quick to tell fans that the track, ‘Real Deal’, is not actually the first single off her next album.


Quite what Jessie means by this is not apparent to us. The cover art, announcement and release day have all the hallmarks of a single! Likely it is the songstress sending a warning to the music world about just how much she has prepared and is only getting “warmed up”.

‘Real Deal’ has a funky beat and groovy vibe that sounds like a sassy piece of work. Listen to a short clip posted on Jessie’s Twitter below which includes some strange M&M paid advertisement!



The full track is out on all platforms this Friday 11th!

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