Marshmello Announces Huge Collab. Out This Week

EDM Superstar and masked DJ Marshmello has announced a huge collaboration which is due for release this Friday August 11th. He’s teamed up with one of the hottest young male talents on the planet right now! 

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10 Women Who Are Changing The Pop Scene Right Now

Pop music is an industry that has, in the past, been male dominated. However, the past decade has seen the rise in some hugely talented female stars and now, in 2017, the present and the future of pop music looks to be female. There are some stars making big waves in pop music and counts down 10 of the biggest presences right now…

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Lorde’s Best Quotes To Date

Lorde is quite the unconventional popstar. She’s an outspoken 20-year-old who is not afraid of controversy. Her fans love her frank mind but it can cause some controversies.

The singer is currently making headlines for having described her friendships with certain celebrities, widely believed to be referring to Taylor Swift, as “having a friend with autoimmune disease“. Lorde has since apologised for her comments, saying that they were “insensitive”. looks at Lorde’s best, outspoken quotes from the last few years…

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New Releases – 16th June 2017

  1. PICK OF THE WEEK: The Louvre – Lorde

Lorde is back with her sophomore album Melodrama and it is hugely impressive. The 20-year-old tells the story of lost youth and young love in a record that will resonate strongly with many of her fans. ‘The Louvre’ is our pick of the songs. The songstress sings of an over-investment of love and a need to achieve something. Lyrics such as “They’ll hang us in The Louvre, down the back, but who cares, still The Louvre” are unique and touching on this track.

Check out nine more brand-spanking new tunes…

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